Sasha’s Market European Food Store

Sasha’s Market European Food Store provides high quality European and International food in San Antonio since 2010. Originally opened as grocery store for Russian foods, today we’ve grown and have transformed to ultimate place in San Antonio to provide not only famous Russian foods but also foods native for Ukrainian, Georgian, Hungarian, Polish, Baltic and other Eastern European countries cuisine, as Germany, Greece, Italy, Israel, France, Great Britain, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova, Georgia and Caucas Republics in Russia and others.

In Sasha’s Market European Grocery Store for affordable price can find foods to cook big variety of traditional Russian plates, as salads Olivie and Vinegret, most famous Ukrainian soup borshch, harcho, Russian pelmeny (meat dumplings), vareniki, blinchiki (Russian pancackes), Ukrainian desserts, Georgian wines, Hungarian salami, Polish sausage, Baltic beer, etc.

Well known and Russian medications are available in Remedies department. And finally also of Russian souvenirs and gifts, Russian films and Russian books, including popular Russian children’s books.