European Grocery: Russian, Polish, German and more.

In Sasha’s Market grocery department you can buy:

  • Sunflower oil (Ukrainian, Russian, Polish)
  • Spices (Russian, Polish, German)
  • Stone salt (no additives or flavored)
  • Sugar Beet, Vanilla
  • Flour (wheat, potato)
  • Groats traditional and cereals – buckwheat, millet, semolina, barley, little wheat, barley.

Buckwheat is most popular for people from Europe.

Pasta (Polish, Ukrainian, German), Puddings and dry jelly.

Favorite for Russian and European people salted, pickled and conserved vegetables are presented in large variety:

Marinated tomatoes, red and green (4 kinds), pickles and salted cucumbers (9 kinds) – Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, Bulgarian.
Squash (3 kinds) – Russian, Ukrainian, Lithuanian; marinated mushrooms (8 kinds), salted cabbage leaves, fermented cabbage.
Pickled watermelon, pickled pepper.
Bear’s onion, or wild leek or ramson; sorrel.

Conserved canned vegetables in wide range:

Letcho, salad “Cossack”, baked beans, Salad “Danube”, Salad “Ukrainian”, Aivar.
Spices: Vegeta (3 sizes), Vigora (Polish), Aroma Miy (German)